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Thank you for visiting this website (the “Site” or “website”). Please read the Terms of Use contained in this document carefully since any use of this site constitutes your acceptance of the Terms of Use set out herein. If you do not agree to these terms of use, please do not use this website.


Throughout this site, the terms “we”, “us”, “our”, and “Finding Rover” refer to Finding Rover, Inc., a Delaware corporation. “You”, “shelter”, and “member” refers to any animal shelter, rescue, organization and/or person accessing and/or using this website to list lost pets, found pets, or adoptable pets.


Please Note: These terms of use may be revised by Finding Rover by updating this posting – Please read them carefully.




Finding Rover is a free service for animal shelters, rescue organizations and other agencies involved in reuniting lost pets and rehoming and caring for adoptable pets.  Finding Rover’s mission is to end the euthanasia of lost pets and adoptable pets by providing the most successful and largest platform to search for lost and found pets as well as adoptable pets online.


Finding Rover offers web site publishing capability to enable subscribers to become part of the online community. Finding Rover regards such sites as part of the Finding Rover service and will enforce its community guidelines for member-created web pages.


Finding Rover considers all areas of Finding Rover, including email folders, as “public”.  As such, any file, program, or material placed in these areas, including, but not limited to, web pages, pictures, videos, documents, sound files, message boards, chat rooms, scripts etc. are accessible to Finding Rover and associates. By submitting content in these public areas, you grant to Finding Rover the absolute right to use, reproduce, modify, distribute, etc. the content in any part, anywhere.


The following requirements must be maintained for all Finding Rover member accounts, including but not limited to homepages and pet lists:


  1. The Member Code of Conduct for members must be followed.


  1. The member’s Finding Rover pet list must be kept up to date.


  1. 501(c)(3) non-profit status is not required for membership with Finding Rover. However, members must be legitimately operating as an animal shelter, rescue or adoption organization (large or small), and post your adoptable pets in a not-for-profit manner. Adoption fees should reflect the spirit of shelter pet adoption and are not expected to cover the financial investment a group has placed in a pet. Breeding animals specifically for the for-profit pet trade, encouraging the public to buy pets for breeding, auctioning or selling pets for profit is prohibited. Pets posted on Finding Rover may not have been obtained in a manner that has provided profit for any commercial or individual pet breeder or seller.


  1. Member home pages cannot auto-forward to a page/site outside of Finding Rover and must contain a link to the associated Pet List. The page must contain enough information that a potential adopter can learn about the member, the member’s adoption policies/fees/steps, etc., and be able to contact the member, without leaving the member’s Finding Rover home page. Any links to pages outside Finding Rover must be below the organization header, name and pet list links and should open in a new browser window. Auto pop-up windows to other pages/sites and/or auto-downloading software (such as but not limited to hotbar, comet cursor, etc.) are not allowed.


  1. Member-created web pages and content shall not promote or advertise any competitor of Finding Rover and/or any Finding Rover sponsor. What constitutes a competitor and a sponsor will be determined at the sole discretion of Finding Rover.


  1. No advertising or links to pages outside Finding Rover are allowed on Pet Profile pages in any fashion.


  1. HTML should not be used in the Animal Description area of Pet Profile pages. Because we may share your pets on other web sites that do not support HTML, the code itself may appear, making your profiles difficult to read.


  1. Finding Rover may send a monthly emailed newsletter and statistics to our members. We also share other opportunities and benefits related to animal welfare with our members. By accepting membership with Finding Rover, you agree to receive these messages. Please note that any additional contact people you list in your Finding Rover account will also receive our mailings. For additional information regarding these messages, please see our Privacy Policy.


  1. Eligibility for membership with Finding Rover is determined at the sole discretion of Finding Rover.


  1. Members may be removed from Finding Rover at our sole discretion. Grounds for removal may include, but are not limited to: violation of the Code of Conduct, Terms of Use, or Terms and Conditions; fraud; overtly dishonest posting; conviction for animal cruelty, neglect or any animal-related crimes; pending legal action involving the seizure of pets or other serious animal-related crimes; convictions for other crimes that include a prohibition on posting on family sites or the internet; violating the terms of your adoption contract with Finding Rover visitors; failure to respond to direct inquiries from Finding Rover via the contact information you have provided us; failure to modify any violations of the Terms of Use and Code of Conduct.


  1. These Terms of Use, the Member Code of Conduct, and/or the Terms and Conditions may be revised and updated at any time. The most updated version will be found at each respective page.







Each Finding Rover member plays an integral role in the mission of reuniting lost pets with their owners, increasing pet adoption, and decreasing euthanasia.  Maintaining a good reputation for pet reunion, pet adoption and a public trust in Finding Rover is a responsibility we all carry to help all pets find loving homes.  We ask that each Finding Rover member adheres to a basic Code of Conduct, ensuring pet adoption is a positive and rewarding experience for Finding Rover visitors and adopters and to promote a community experience within our membership.


Being a Finding Rover member means that you agree to the following Code of Conduct:


To keep full and accurate contact information available under “Contacts,” “Organization Info” and “Locations.”


To actively maintain a listing of your organization’s adoptable pets on Finding Rover. Should your organization’s account fall temporarily inactive after 45 days of non-use.


To only post adoptable pets once and only those directly from your organization in the location where they are currently being fostered or sheltered.


To give truthful information about the pets’ description, to the best of your knowledge and to remove pets no longer adoptable from the shelters adoptable pet list.


To post only lost, found and/or adoptable pets, not pets or items for sale, pets for breeding purposes, pets not allowed by law or the promotion of commercial products or services.


To operate in a not-for-profit manner, even if you do not have official non-profit status.


To maintain a basic home page on Finding Rover, giving visitors more information about your shelter or organization and what you do.


To reply to questions from the public in a timely and respectful manner, without requiring an upfront fee or application process.


To reply to questions from the Finding Rover staff in a timely and respectful manner.


To modify any pet profiles or home page content that violates this Code of Conduct within the timeframe requested by Finding Rover staff.


Not to post disparaging information on Finding Rover about other organizations, individuals, breeds/pets, Finding Rover. Because Finding Rover is a family web site, content must be suitable to be viewed by visitors of all ages. Profane, discriminatory, or slanderous language are prohibited.


You warrant that you, and any users associated with your Finding Rover account, do not have any animal care related citations, violations or crimes or other convictions that prohibit you from using the internet or social media sites.


You agree that deviation from the Code of Conduct or Terms and Conditions may be grounds for my organization’s removal from Finding Rover.


Last update January 1, 2019